Barbara Allen (song)

Samuel Pepys "Barbara Allen" (Child 84, Roud [ 54]) is a traditional folk song that is popular throughout the English speaking world and beyond. It tells of how the eponymous character denies a dying man's love, then dies of grief soon after his untimely death.

The song began as a Scottish ballad in the seventeenth century or earlier, before quickly spreading (both orally and in print) throughout the British Isles and later North America. Ethnomusicologists Steve Roud and Julia Bishop described it as "far and away the most widely collected song in the English language—equally popular in England, Scotland and Ireland, and with hundreds of versions collected over the years in North America."

As with most folk songs, "Barbara Allen" has been published and performed under many different titles, including "The Ballet of Barbara Allen", "'''Barbara Allen's Cruelty", "Barbarous Ellen", "Edelin", "Hard Hearted Barbary Ellen", "Sad Ballet Of Little Johnnie Green", "Sir John Graham", "Bonny Barbara Allan", "Barbry Allen'''" among others. Provided by Wikipedia
by Allan, Barbara, 1954-
Published 2007