Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson may refer to:

*Andy Anderson (actor) (born 1947), born in New Zealand, also prominent in Australia *Andy Anderson (American football) (born 1924), American football player and coach *Andy Anderson (baseball) (1922–1982), former professional baseball player *Andy Anderson (drummer) (1951–2019), drummer for English rock band The Cure *Andy Anderson (footballer) (born 1953), Scottish footballer *Andy Anderson (general) (1913–2010), Major General in the U.S. Army and seventh mayor of Naples, Florida *Andy Anderson (record producer) (born 1969), American record producer *Andy Anderson (rower) (born 1954), columnist also known as "Dr. Rowing" *Andy Anderson (skateboarder) (born 1996), Canadian professional skateboarder *Andy Anderson (umpire) (1925–1994), National League baseball umpire *A. C. Anderson (1909–1996), mayor of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada *Doug Anderson (ice hockey) (1927–1998), Doug "Andy" Anderson, NHL hockey player *H. S. "Andy" Anderson (1893–1960), woodcarver known for the Scandinavian flat-plane carving style Provided by Wikipedia
by Anderson, Andy.
Published 2007