Noel Barber

Noel Barber (9 September 1909 – 10 July 1988) was a British novelist and journalist. Many of his novels, set in exotic countries, are about his experiences as leading foreign correspondent for the ''Daily Mail''. He was the son of John Barber and his Danish wife, Musse, and had two brothers: Kenneth, a banker, and Anthony Barber, Baron Barber.

Most notably he reported from Morocco, where he was stabbed five times. In October 1956, Barber survived a gunshot wound to the head by a Soviet sentry in Hungary during the Hungarian revolution. A car crash ended his career as journalist. He then began writing novels: he became a best-selling novelist in his seventies with his first novel, ''Tanamera''. Provided by Wikipedia
by Barber, Noel
Published 1978
by Barber, Noel
Published 1984