Anthony D. Burke

Anthony Burke (born 1966) is an Australian political theorist and international relations scholar. He is Professor of Politics and International Relations at the University of New South Wales.

He was the founding editor and is publisher of the transdisciplinary journal of the humanities and social sciences, ''Borderlands''.

His published work ranges across the fields of environmental politics, science and technology studies, security studies, war and peace, international ethics, the international relations of the Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East, and Australian politics and history.

He is the author of four books: ''Uranium'' (Polity, 2017), ''Ethics and Global Security: A Cosmopolitan Approach'' (with Katrina Lee-Koo and Matt McDonald, Routledge 2014), ''Beyond Security, Ethics and Violence: War Against The Other'' (Routledge, 2007), and ''Fear of Security: Australia’s Invasion Anxiety'' (Pluto Press Australia, 2001; 2nd. edn. Cambridge University Press, 2008). He is the co-editor of ''Ethical Security Studies: A New Research Agenda'' (with Jonna Nyman, Routledge 2016), ''Global Insecurity: Futures of Global Chaos and Governance'' (with Rita Parker, Palgrave, 2017), and ''Critical Security in the Asia-Pacific'' (with Matthew McDonald, Manchester University Press, 2007).

Key shorter works include "Planet Politics: A Manifesto from the end of IR" (''Millennium'', 2016), "Security Cosmopolitanism" (''Critical Studies on Security'', 2013), "Humanity After Biopolitics" (''Angelaki'', 2011), "Ontologies of War" (''Theory & Event'', 2006), and "Aporias of Security" (''Alternatives'', 2002). Provided by Wikipedia
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Other Authors: ...Burke, Anthony( 1966-)...
Other Authors: ...Burke, Anthony( 1966-)...