Frederick Evans

Frederick or Fred Evans may refer to:

* Frederick H. Evans (1853–1943), British photographer, primarily of architectural subjects * Frederick Evans (hydrographer) (1815–1885), Royal Navy officer and hydrographer * Fred Evans (comedian) (1889–1951), British music hall and silent movie comedian * Fred Evans (defensive tackle) (Frederick H. Evans, born 1983), American football defensive tackle * Fred Evans (running back) (1921–2007), American football player for the Chicago Bears * Fred Evans (boxer) (born 1991), Welsh boxer * Fred Evans (radical militant), leader of an American radical militant group that helped plan and execute the Glenville Shootout riot in 1968 * Fred Evans (union worker) (1881–1912), Australian unionist who died in the Waihi miners' strike of 1912 * Fred Evans (philosopher) (born 1944), American continental philosopher * Frederick Mullett Evans (1803–1870), English printer and publisher, father-in-law of Charles Dickens, Jr. * Frederick William Evans (1808–1893), Shaker writer * Fred P. Evans (1862–?), British spiritualist medium Provided by Wikipedia
by Evans, Fred, 1946-
Published 2004
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