Robert Lang

Robert Lang may refer to:

*Robert Lang (ice hockey) (born 1970), Czech National Hockey League player *Robert Lang (cricketer) (1840–1908), cricketer *Robert Lang (cyclist) (1917–1997), Swiss cyclist *Robert Lang (rower) (born 1955), Australian Olympic rower *Robert Lang (swimmer) (born 1984), British swimmer at the 2007 World Championships *Robert A. Lang, American politician *Robert J. Lang (born 1961), American origami theorist and physicist *Robert Lang (actor) (1934–2004), English stage, television and film actor *Robert Lang, owner of Robert Lang Studios *Bob Lang, bassist in the 1960s band The Mindbenders *Robert Lang (producer), producer in Canada *Robert Lang (football manager) (1886–1941), Austrian football player and coach *Robert Hamilton Lang (1832–1913), Scottish-born financier, diplomat and collector of antiquities Provided by Wikipedia
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