Moira Rayner

Moira Rayner Moira Emilie Rayner (née Stockwell, born 10 November 1948), is a New Zealand-born, Australian-based barrister and human rights advocate.

In 1986, she was appointed a Commissioner of the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia, a position she held until 1990.

In 1990 she was appointed the third Commissioner for Equal Opportunity appointed by the Government of Victoria under the ''Equal Opportunity Act 1984'', an office which she held until 1994. In this position she was responsible for monitoring the ''Equal Opportunity Act''; the ''Racial Discrimination Act 1975'', the ''Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986'', and the Commonwealth legislated ''Sex Discrimination Act 1984.''

In 1994 the Australian Federal Government appointed her to the ''Institute of Family Studies'' to undertake a special project to fight child abuse.

In 2000 Rayner became the first Director of the office of Children's Rights Commissioner for the city of London, UK.

Rayner used her time in her official positions, and as an author and activist, to address issues and support campaigns for the rights of women in society and the rights of children in the legal system. Many of her activities in these spheres have been innovative and thus publicly and politically controversial. Provided by Wikipedia
by Rayner, Moira
Published 1997