Geoff Thompson

Geoff or Geoffrey Thompson may refer to:

* Geoffrey Thompson (British Army officer) (1905–1983), British Army general * Geoffrey Hewlett Thompson (born 1929), British Anglican bishop * Geoffrey Thompson (businessman) (1936–2004), owner and managing director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach * Geoff Thompson (politician) (born 1940), New Zealand Member of Parliament * Geoff Thompson (football executive) (born 1945), British football administrator, chairman of The Football Association * Geoffrey Thompson (doctor) (born 1945), Australian sports physician * Geoff Thompson (writer) (born 1960), British writer and self-defence instructor * Geoff Thompson (karateka), British karate fighter * Geoff Thompson (snooker player) (born 1929), English snooker player * Geoffrey Harington Thompson (1898–1967), British diplomat Provided by Wikipedia
by Thompson, Geoff
Published 1994
by Thompson, Geoff
Published 1995