The Iraq War : European perspectives on politics, strategy and operations

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Other Authors: Hallenberg, Jan, Karlsson, Hakan
Format: Book
Published: London New York: Routledge, 2005.
Table of Contents:
  • Puzzles and propositions of the Iraq War / Jan Angstrom
  • What were the Bush Administrations goals in invading Iraq? / Jan Hallenberg
  • The Iraq War and the transatlantic relationship / Bo Huldt
  • Russias choice : preserve the status quo / Charlotte Wagnsson
  • Iraqs political strategy before and during the war / Roger Karlsson
  • Sweden, the Western world and the war that saw the birth of Iraq : implications of the events in 1914-1921 for the present conflict / Lars Ericson
  • The Iraq War and international law : from Hugo Grotius to George W. Bush / Ove Bring and Per Brostrom
  • Brute force or coercion : two perspectives on conflict management / Stefan Ring
  • Doctrine, expertise and arms in combination : a reflection on the Iraq War / Anders Cedergren
  • The Iraq air war in 2003 : back to the future? / Magnus Bengtsson, Claes Bergstrom, Nils-Goran Bernebring, Roland Jostrup, Richard Lindborg, Lars-Johan Nordlund, Jan Reuterdahl, Johan Wiktorin
  • The struggle for credibility during the Iraq War / Kristina Riegert and Anders Johansson
  • Conclusions / Jan Hallenberg and Ha?kan Karlsson