Reformers and revolutionaries in modern Iran : new perspectives on the Iranian left

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Format: Book
Published: London: RoutledgeCurzon, 2004
Edition:1st ed.
Series:RoutledgeCurzon/BIPS Persian studies series
Table of Contents:
  • The Iranian left in international perspective / Fred Halliday
  • From social-democracy to social-democracy : the twentieth century odyssey of the Iranian left / Afshin Matin-Asgari
  • Armenian social-democrats, the democrat party of Iran, and Iran-i naw : a secret camaraderie / Janet Afary
  • The first congress of peoples of the east and the Iranian Soviet Republic of Gilan, 1920-1921 / Pezhmann Dailami
  • Iran's forgotten revolutionary : Abulqasim Lahuti and the Tabriz insurrection of 1922 / Stephanie Cronin
  • Incommodious hosts, invidious guests : the life and times of Iranian revolutionaries in the Soviet Union, 1921-1939 / Touraj Atabaki
  • The Iranian revolution and the legacy of the guerrilla movement / Maziar Behrooz
  • The Iranian left and the Islamic republic : contemporary critiques
  • Troubled relationships : women, nationalism and the left movement in Iran / Haideh Moghissi
  • The tragedy of the Iranian left / Ali Mirsepassi
  • The left and the struggle for democracy in Iran / Saeed Rahnema
  • The Islamic left : from radicalism to liberalism / Ervand Abrahamian
  • The working class and the Islamic state in Iran / Haideh Moghissi and Saeed Rahnema.