A short history of China and Southeast Asia : tribute, trade and influence

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Main Author: Stuart-Fox, Martin, 1939-
Format: Book
Published: Australia: Allen and Unwin, 2003
Series:Short history of Asia series
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • The Chinese view of the world : The Confucian worldview ; The Chinese way of war ; Empire and world order: Qin and Han
  • Early relations : Early southeast Asia ; Expansion of contacts: trade and religion ; The special case of Vietnam ; Southeast Asia and the song ; Conclusion
  • Mongol expansion : Mongol conquests ; The projection of Mongol power ; Implications for southeast Asia ; Changing worldviews ; Conclusion
  • Sea power, tribute and trade : The tributary system ; Ming expansionism ; The Ming voyages ; Later Ming-southeast Asia relations ; Conclusion
  • Enter the Europeans : Tribute and trade ; China, southeast Asia, the Portuguese, and the Dutch ; The Qing ; Challenges to the Chinese world order ; The late Qing and overseas Chinese in southeast Asia ; Conclusion
  • The changing world order : Nationalism and politics among the oversease Chinese ; Sino-Thai relations ; The second World War and its aftermath ; Conclustion
  • Communism and the Cold War : The Chinese Marxist-Leninist worldview ; Early PRC-Southeast Asia relations ; The first Indochina war ; The 'Bandung spirit' ; Complications and setbacks ; The second Indochina war ; Developing bilateral relations regimes
  • Fresh beginnings : Shifting relations in continental Southeast Asia ; The Cambodian problem ; The economic