Syed Ali

Syed Ali (also spelled Sayyed Ali, Sayyid Ali, etc.) may refer to:

* Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani (1314–1384), a Persian Sufi who spread Islam in Kashmir * Syed Ali (name), a family of Syeds in South Asia * Syed Ameer Ali (1849–1928), Indian scholar who taught at Aligarh Muslim University * Syed Ghous Ali Shah (born 1934), former Chief Minister of Sindh, Pakistan * Syed Ali Shah Geelani (born 1929), politician from Jammu and Kashmir * Syed Ali Raza, President and Chairman of the National Bank of Pakistan * Syed Ali (cricketer) (1913–1993), Trinidadian cricketer * Syed Ali (field hockey, born 1942) (1942–2010), or Syed Mushtaq Ali, field hockey player from India, won 1964 Olympic gold medal * Syed Ali (field hockey, born 1956), Indian Olympic hockey player * Syed Ali Ahsan (1922–2002), writer, poet, and professor at the University of Dhaka * Syed Ali Nawaz Shah Rizvi, former federal Minister in the Cabinet of the government of Pakistan * Syed Ali Qutab Shah Rizvi, member of the Pakistani Sindh Provincial Assembly in Pakistan * Syed Ali Naqi Zaidi, poet who used the nom de plume Safi Lakhnavi * Syed Ali Urooj Naqvi or Ali Naqvi, Pakistani cricketer * Syed Ali Ashraf, founder of Darul Ihsan University * Syed Ali, a minor character in the television series ''24'' * Syed Modasser Ali, ophthalmic surgeon from Bangladesh Provided by Wikipedia
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