John Tomlinson

John Tomlinson may refer to: *John D. Tomlinson (1929–1992), American politician and businessman *John Tomlinson (footballer) (1934–2014), English footballer *John Tomlinson (educationalist) (1932–2005), British educationalist *John Tomlinson (bass) (born 1946), English opera singer *John Tomlinson, Baron Tomlinson (born 1939), Lord Tomlinson of Walsall, former MP and MEP *John Tomlinson (comics), comics writer for ''2000 AD'' *John Tomlinson (cricketer) (1926–2010), cricketer *John Tomlinson (football coach) (1910–2000), known as Ike *John Tomlinson (sport shooter) (born 1933), British Olympic shooter Provided by Wikipedia
by Tomlinson, John
Published 1991
by Tomlinson, John, 1949-
Published 1999