Douglas Young

Douglas or Doug Young is the name of:

*Sir Douglas Young (judge) (1883–1973), British judge and Liberal Party politician *Douglas Young (classicist) (1913–1973), Scottish poet, scholar, and translator; leader of the Scottish National Party *Douglas Young (solicitor) (born 1948), one of the founders of the British Armed Forces Federation *Douglas Young (cricketer) (1917–1995), English cricketer *Doug Young (politician) (born 1940), Canadian politician *Doug Young (ice hockey) (1908–1990), Canadian ice hockey defenceman *Doug Young (actor) (1919–2018), American voice actor *Doug Young (boxer) (born 1961), British boxer *Doug Young (powerlifter) (1964–2005), American powerlifter *Doug Young (sculptor) (born 1955), American sculptor Provided by Wikipedia
by Young, Doug
Published 1991
by Young, Doug
Published 1995