European Union : power and policy-making

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Format: Book
Published: New York: Routledge, 2005.
Table of Contents:
  • Policy-making in the EU : interests, ideas and garbage cans of primeval soup / Jeremy Richardson
  • The European Union : reaching an equilibrium? / Brigid Laffan and Sonia Mazey
  • Europeanisation of public policy / Andrea Lenschow
  • Theories of European integration : assumptions and hypotheses / Frank Schimmelfennig and Berthold Rittberger
  • The European Commission : between continuity and change / Thomas Christiansen
  • Fluctuant nec merguntur : the European parliament, national parliaments, and European integration / Katrin Auel and Berthold Rittberger
  • The Council of Ministers : facilitating interaction and actorness in the EU / Thomas Christiansen
  • Judicial law-making and European integration : the European Court of Justice / Margaret McCown
  • The EU budgetary procedure and the constitutional debate / Henrik Enderlein and Johannes Lindner
  • The process of enlargement : processes, institutions and norms / Frank Schimmelfennig
  • European elections and the European voter / Mark Franklin
  • Interest groups and EU policy-making : organisational logic and venue shopping / Sonia Mazey and Jeremy Richardson
  • Bypassing the nation state? : regions and the EU policy process / Michael Keating and Elizabeth Hooghe
  • The EU as an international actor / Michael Smith
  • European regulation / Mark Thatcher
  • European macroeconomic governance / Erik Jones
  • Implementation / Christoph Knill
  • After the permissive consensus : still searching for democracy / Mike Newman.